This is my now page. Last updated: 22 July 2021.

Reading New Books Again

I spent the first six months of the year re-reading books I already owned. My theory was that I already have enough wisdom on my Kindle to last a lifetime.

I turns out… that’s boring. Yes, in theory I can re-read old topics and learn just as much. But in practice, I discovered I like the thrill of new material and ideas. So I abandoned that plan and am running riot in the Kindle store again.

Quote Sharing App

I’m writing a small app to create beautiful quotes to share on social media, based on the Kindle books I read.

When finished, I should be able to share a text quote from the Kindle app to my app, which will format a picture and then share to Twitter.

Getting Things Done with EverDo

This year I’ve been following a Getting Things Done methodology, using Everdo to track my tasks. I feel very on-top of my work, despite having more responsibility than ever before.

I’ll write a blog about this soon.

Enjoying My New Job

I’m now Head of Quantum Cybersecurity at Cambridge Quantum Computing. I joined in December 2020 and I’m loving the challenge and the technology.

If you’d like to connect professionally, I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter.